Made by Residents for Residents - Our Story

When COVID-19 spread across the world, our livelihoods and wellbeing became severely threatened. The crisis escalated quickly, leaving us all with a sense of deep uncertainty. Suddenly global freedom of movement was restricted and some things we all take for granted, changed. is an initiative undertaken by residents, for residents. The site has been designed to help residents’ source the best deals, whilst supporting local hotels and attractions, at this unprecedented time.

The global travel industry has been affected very badly, with so many jobs being lost or in jeopardy. Our local economy and our job security all threatened, as well as our mental health. Now, more than ever, we all need a break from the daily pressures.

So, how do you find a safe and affordable local break and at the same time help the hotel and hospitality industry? Affordable Staycations and local leisure activities – all at special resident rates.

As a small group of long-term residents, we thought about where we could possibly source these deals. We found ourselves jumping between numerous websites in search of our Staycation preferences. We trawled the internet for hours!

One evening, we discussed this frustration and inadvertently developed our own short lists of various criteria when it came to Staycations; such as beautiful beaches, family friendly locations, or simply a place that offered great value for money. Combining our lists and sharing our feedback on the offers, we realized we could create a platform which could made available to all residents.

To validate our idea, we had discussions with local hoteliers and business leaders, and discovered that whilst many had resident deals available and valued this business, there was no single place to list their deals for residents, economically. With very restrictive income at this time, no marketing budgets and current booking channels either charging high listing fees, or commissions up to 25% it was difficult to keep good margin, be visible, remain competitive and still pass on their best rates.

We think we have come up with a pretty good solution – was born.